The Television Personalities | DNO138

Image: Dark Places Remixes

Call it talent? Call it prophecy? However you cut it, over the last thirty years Daniel Treacy has undeniably weaved a thread of influence so far below the spring of artistry, he threaded bedrock. Under the guise of the Television Personalities Daniel Treacy?s songwriting has resonated throughout the works of self described idolizers: Nirvana, Pavement, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and on... and on... and on. Possessing unachievable paradox-al qualities, both lyrically and in delivery, it seemed only appropriate to compound on this brilliant TVP intricacy with some good old-fashioned remixes. ?Always loved the singing. Like it was the most fucked up true thing.? says Ian Williams(Battles). Agreed.


Image: Dark Places Remixes

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  • Side A
    01. You Kept Me Waiting Too Long (E*Vax [Ratatat] Remix)
  • 02. My Dark Places (I Will [Battles] Remix)
  • Side B
    01. All The Young Children (Rainbows In Tunnels Mix By Lingling)
  • 02. She Can Stop Traffic (Black Dice Remix)