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Image: To Build A Home

June 5th marks the release of the first full studio album by Jason Swinscoe's Cinematic Orchestra since 2002's Everyday.

Entitled Ma Fleur, the record was written as the soundtrack to a specially commissioned screenplay for an imagined film. Shortly after finishing Everyday, a piece of music which achieved great critical and commercial success (selling over 100,000 units worldwide), Jason Swinscoe relocated from East London to Paris. There he began work on the instrumentals which would form the basis of his new record, a series of sketches and diagrams of directions to follow, more moods than finished tracks. Having completed a rough version by early 2005, Swinscoe gradually recruited suitable vocalists for the atmospheres and themes. The remarkable Fontella Bass (the woman behind both the legendary soul number "Rescue Me" as well as some of the Art Ensemble of Chicago's finest moments) had worked on Everyday and was an obvious choice to voice the parts of the elderly protagonist in Ma Fleur that Swinscoe envisioned. Mercury-nominated Lou Rhodes is not only a fantastic singer but also a young mother, which made her the perfect fit for the "mid-life" singer. The as-yet unheralded Patrick Watson, a remarkable vocalist from Montreal, became the youngest of the trio.

This introductory 7" highlights Ma Fleur's glimmering first single and closing track "To Build A Home." The A-Side is an effortless collaboration between Cinematic Orchestra's lush instrumentaion and Patick Waton's dynamic and emotive vocal talents. "Child Song", the B-Side, is a non-album bonus track that acts as the perfect bridge from Cinematic Orchestra's jazz inspired past to their more focused and melodic present.


Image: To Build A Home

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  • Side A
    01. To Build A Home (Edit)
  • Side B
    01. Child Song