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Following a recent seven-inch only collaboration with Themselves, and a "work in progress" version of "The Negatives" that was the highlight of the NME/Domino Records sampler Declaration of Independence, Leeds experimentalists Hood signpost the release of their forthcoming album with a new EP, The Lost You. The title track is from the upcoming LP, whilst the remaining 4 tracks are exclusive to this set. Writing about the group's last, near-perfect album Cold House, essayist Robin Carmody posited Hood as the by-product of the "really significant dichotomies" within the boundaries of their home county of Yorkshire: "the urban and the rural; the Labour and the Tory; old mining villages and prime fox-hunting country; hippie settlements and conformist working class heart-lands and the Bradford estates with an almost entirely Asian population up against many rural areas which are pretty much all white."

On "The Lost You", Hood present their own series of associated dichotomies: they are constantly changing but always remain identifiable as "Hood"; they are overtly inspired by their immediate environment and have an acute "sense of place" but equally thrive on dislocation and disorientation; they could almost be aligned with the recent trend of British folk inspired pop but also deploy the skittering beats of European experimental electronics; they are still young but nevertheless can sound mortified by the passing of time. Lastly, they draw their current influences from artists based from Atlanta to the London borough of Redbridge. "The Lost You" stutters and stammers and pauses for a fragment of dialogue from what appears to be an aborted live show: "The same problem as usual," declares a Germanic female voice, feeding back into Hood's own absorbing sense of melancholy. "You know that I don't ever have the time to witness the passing of these years," proclaims Christopher, wearily, "I dedicate this day to you."

Hood formed in the winter of 1990 around the nucleus of the Adams brothers, Christopher and Richard. Early recordings took overt influence from New Zealand post-rock and the East London experimentalism of Bark Psychosis and Disco Inferno. Increasingly, however, the group have looked beyond these twin obsessions, drawing influence from the cavernous dub, hip-hop and minimal techno played out at their club nights Echoleila and Freedom Sounds in Pub. They've embarked on occasional remix experiments, commissioning the likes of Third Eye Foundation and Horse Opera to irreverently remodel tracks from Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys while mysterious producer Duo14 recalibrated sound-sources from The Cycle of Days and Seasons to foreground the group's fondness for the Warp and Schematic labels. On their last album Cold House, the group combined Leeds experimentalism with Bay Area deconstructionist hip-hop and German micro-house as if this were the most natural thing in the world. Such tangents and fractures fold back into the whole now, all of which makes Hood so endlessly engaging and a record like The Lost You as treasured as photographs of dead relatives.


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  • 01. The Lost You
  • 03. The Rest Of Us Still Care
  • 04. By Island Lake (excerpt)
  • 05. Over the Land Over the Sea