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Image: Sun, Drums & Soil - Vinyl

The hottest UK star pushing against electronic-ecstatic jazz boundaries has just hooked up with next planet's saviors of soul. This is Four Tet vs the Sa Ra Creative Partners! Colliding in a "Contusion" of Calypso-inflected tack-synth-melodies, squelchy rude basslines and utterly serious 'supercool' speak, this is the most explicit fun anyone's had with Four Tet's musical parts since Jay Dee got involved last year!

Ubiquity-signed Sa Ra have created a massive impact on the modern music world with their inventive blend of soul and hip hop slinkiness displayed on the debut "Glorious" and "Double Dutch" 12"s, a P-Funkadelic mastershow at London's Cargo, and remixes so far for the likes of N*E*R*D*, Medeski Martin and Wood and Roots Manuva. The super-producers sure show signs of confidence with the tricky joyful noise of their bold re-casting of Four Tet's percussive explosion of a track from the new album Everything Ecstatic. The rhythms are as bendy as you like and the party has never sounded so close and wild. We're also treated to Four Tet's own "Sun, Drums and Gamelan" remix of the track, which recalls Rated X-era Miles Davis. Not a bad place to find yourself.


Image: Sun, Drums & Soil - Vinyl

LP-DNO-057 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Sun, Drums & Soil - Sa Ra
  • Side B
    02. Sun, Drums & Soil - Album version
  • 03. Sun, Drums & Gamelan
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by Four Tet
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