Bonde do Role | DNO993

Image: Solta O Frango

Hailing from Curitiba, in Southern Brazil, Bonde Do Role have created a mash up of Baile Funk beats and playfully profane raps in their native Portuguese tongue. Bonde do Role's dance party punk is the sound of 2007. Discovered by DJ/Producer Diplo in 2006, Bonde Do Role released their first domestic single "Melo do Tabaco" on Diplo's newly formed Mad Decent label. Diplo went on to co-produce Bonde's single "Solta o Frango" for Domino Records and his credits further extend to Bonde's full length album, With Lasers, as the executive producer.

"Bonde Do Role is like diggin' through the garbage in Brazil and using the pieces and making a club mess turned up the volume plus 10. It's like death samba metal bass with Cooledit Pro cause I already played out that 'novo' Beastie Boys thing." - Diplo


Image: Solta O Frango sleeve

LP-DNO-993 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Solta O Frango
  • 02. Rap Do CB
  • Side B
    03. Solta O Frango (Instrumental)
  • 04. Solta O Frango (Acapella)