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"You can hear the heart of rock n' roll getting resuscitated in the hands and heads of Liverpool's Clinic." - The Village Voice

"These British minimalists are...masters of pith, shaving their ingenious tangle of surf guitar, 1960s garage organ and...melodica to galloping, bone-hard excellence." - Rolling Stone

Since their inception in the late '90s, Clinic have created some of the most distinct, timeless music of their day and Harvest is a vintage example of their sound, a mix of vibrant, pounding surf guitars and dark, sinister psychedelia. Described by the band as "an ancient gong summons and laid back tribal groover",  Harvest is the first taster for fans of the Liverpool band's eagerly awaited fourth album Visitations. Recorded and produced in Liverpool by the band, and mixed by Gareth Jones (Wire, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode), Visitations is an upbeat, fuzz fueled album, that signals a return to the rhythmic intensity that the critics and their fans love so much.

The Harvest EP features two brand new songs not on the album, plus the sinister, hypnotic video to Harvest.


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  • 01. Harvest
  • 02. You Can't Hurt You Anymore
  • 03. Lee Shan