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Test Icicles sound like everything, all at once, with little left out. Rory Atwell (25), Sam Mehran (20) and Dev Hynes (20) are three restlessly inventive dudes with divergent backgrounds in hardcore, metal, hardcore metal and hip-hop. They listen to every conceivable kind of music going, and when they're done listening to it, they throw it in the pot. No compromises, no faffng, just a swampy mass of influences frothing and bubbling until it sounds nothing like its composite parts. The band began in 2004, almost as a mistake. Rory and Sam spent time hanging out, inventing bands (in the best way possible - name first, songs later) and playing shows on the strength of an afternoon's songwriting. Dev was enlisted after an earlier incarnation, BALLS (dress code: charity-shop tennis gear), were a man short for a show in Brighton after their singer, Ferry, fled to Indonesia.

Boa Vs. Python EP marks the band's US debut release. The EP will feature the full contents of the NME Single of the week (7/25/05) "Boa VS. Python."


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CD-DNO-076 | Out now

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  • 01. Boa Vs. Python
  • 02. All You Need Is Blood
  • 03. LMNO Hoes

Image: test_icicles_boa_small

LP-DNO-076 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Boa Vs. Python
  • 02. All You Need is Blood
  • Side B
    03. LMNO Hoes