Four Tet | DNO74

Image: A Joy (part 1)

The second single to be taken from Four Tet's hugely acclaimed album Everything Ecstatic, "A Joy" is now available on a deluxe 12" single. A churning bass-heavy tune, like a washing machine set to "queasy," "A Joy" is, in its own right, and in the context of the album, a striking opener. Impossible drums skitter across an alien jazz terrain and disappear behind rocks, only to come back bigger and more terrifying. For this vinyl single release, however, the bar has been significantly raised. Hebden has created a brand new version of the track using its original frenetic energy as its building blocks, adding vocals from legendary Stones Throw affiliate Percee P and an infectious, house-tinged hip hop loop to its finale. "A Joy" is given the remix treatment across the formats by Percee P's fellow Stones Throw luminary Koushik, instrumental four-piece Battles, and Four Tet himself to impressive effect.


Image: A Joy (part 1)

LP-DNO-074 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. A Joy - Featuring Percee P
  • 02. A Joy - Featuring Percee P (Part 2)
  • 03. A Joy - Featuring Percee P (Part 2) Instrumental
  • Side B
    06. A Joy - Album Verion
  • 07. A Joy - Remix
  • 08. A Joy - Battle Remix