Dan Deacon | 08/29/12

Image: Dan Deacon app still

With Dan Deacon's new album America out now, Dan is set to hit the road today for a series of live US dates.

Dan Deacon shows are renowned for the spectacle of hundreds, even thousands, of jubilant people doing coordinated movement. It's a sight to behold, but it's even more amazing to participate. Dan has taken it to a whole new level with a groundbreaking smartphone application (available now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play) that will be used during his tour beginning tonight!

Download the free Dan Deacon app now from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play

Inspired by audience-based cell phone interactive pieces Deacon performed over the past several years in various settings from Baltimore to Carnegie Hall, this groundbreaking app truly makes the audience part of every show.

Dan developed an application with the help of the folks at Wham City Lights, without the use of WiFi or cellular data, turns each phone into a source of synchronized light and sound depending on your location within each venue. A device once thought of as a distraction now turns each show into an ecstatic act of empowerment by turning every concert into a collective one-of-a-kind immersive concert experience.

See it is in use on the upcoming US dates that start tonight. See the full list of tour dates here.