Various Artists | 01/25/11

Image: warehouse baggu

As well as releasing a constant stream of amazing music year in, year out, in our quest to think of everything a discerning music fan might want, here at Domino we're very excited to unveil a new range of exclusive Domino Baggu for the new year.

The environmentally friendly Baggu, is effectively a bag based on the iconic plastic grocery bag which aims to reduce people's usage of disposable bags by being lightweight and easy to keep on hand for any errands that may arise throughout the day. As well as being designed to fit LPs perfectly, they don't necessarily have to be used as record bags, being just as practical for something as everyday as picking up your groceries.

Naturally it helps that they also happen to be rather good looking, which can be credited to none other than photographer and artist, Jason Evans, the man responsible for designing beautiful album covers for the likes of Four Tet and Clinic.

The Baggu comes in five different colours which are as follows:

Electric Poppy with blue print
Indigo with pale blue print
Peacock with yellow print
Smoke with yellow print
Black with white print

Domino hasn't produced a range of bags for quite some time, so we're pretty excited to see how these go down with our fans. The bags are priced at $14 and are available from Dom Mart now.

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