Tricky | 06/23/08

Image: Trickycrouch

Knowle West is a tough, deprived, working class area of Bristol, England and happens to be the inspiration of Tricky's most personal and prolific album to date.

The short film below follows Tricky's recent trip back to his old hood. Talking candidly and unflinchingly about his criminal and notorious family, "the original Knowle Westers", and the tough characters and harsh life that informs new single 'Council Estate' and other songs on Knowle West Boy.

It just goes to show, you can travel the world, live like a rock star but you are who you are at the end of the day from the people and the places that make you.

Like the man himself, Knowle West Boy is a genuine, humorous slice of life. A little bit menacing but an unapologetic and honest portrait that carries a universal message of self-believe and positive energy.

As Tricky says, the album is "like a mix cd" he's made as a thank you to the first girlfriend, friends, family, teachers and people of Knowle West that made him who he is today: one of the most unique and compelling artists in the world.

Knowle West Boy will be released on Sept 9th. 'Council Estate' is available now on iTunes.