Robert Wyatt | 12/13/10

Image: Robert Wyatt

The term "living legend" is used far too often, but in reference to Robert Wyatt it’s entirely justified, something which becomes abundantly clear listening to the man’s creative output, which continues to receive critical acclaim as For The Ghost Within, a collaboration with Gilad Atzmon and Ros Stephen, provides proof of. Understandably, Domino is incredibly honored to announce the release of a near complete re-issue of Robert Wyatt’s solo recordings on vinyl.

Rock Bottom (1974) (DNO200), Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (1975) (DNO201), Old Rottenhat (1985) (DNO202), Dondestan [Revisited] (1991/1998) (DNO203) and Nothing Can Stop Us (1982) (DNO204) are all set to be released November 9th. EPs (2009) (DNO205), Theatre Royal Drury Lane (2008) (SNO206), Shleep (1997) (SNO207) and Cuckooland (2003) (DNO208) will follow on November 22nd.

Each LP will come with a full-album art slipcase compact disc.

There will only be one press of the reissues, each title limited to 2000 copies each, meaning once these are gone, they’re gone for good.