Porches | 10/19/17

Image: Porches Country


Porches a.k.a. Aaron Maine returns with new song Country. The song features backing vocals by Dev Hynes and Bryndon Cook.

The accompanying video was co-directed by Maine and Nick Harwood (producer on Blood Orange’s Augustine and Sandra’s Smile), and was shot in and around Maine’s childhood stomping grounds in upstate New York. 

Maine wrote this note to accompany the music:

i am happy to share this new song with you
it's the last song i wrote for my new album
in the context of the record it acts as a departure as well as an arrival
here is a poem i wrote about what the song means:

mini reckoning
Like flopping onto bed after first kiss high school
I left her apartment and made sure to keep the sleep on me all the way home
Rolled down the window across the bridge
And filled up my lungs
She told me about this saying about breaking the water to get somewhere
and i imagined what it would be like to swim together
I felt soft and dumb like a country song

Maine has spent the past year working on the follow-up to his 2016 breakthrough record, and Domino debut, Pool. The new song shared today, “Country”, displays the trademark vulnerability of Porches, but shows a maturity and growth – and is a stunning taste of what’s to come from the artist.