Panda Bear | 08/19/15

Image: Crosswords EP

Today, we're happy to announce Panda Bear’s latest five track collection, Crosswords EP. It sees wind in his sails as we follow him on his next wide-eyed quantum leap from this year’s acclaimed album Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper with the escalator firmly jammed on UP.  

Crosswords EP is digitally out today, and physically on CD & 12” on November 13, 2015. All pre-orders from the Animal Collective Mart or Domino Mart come with an instant download of the five track Crosswords EP in MP3, 16-bit or 24-bit WAV files. Listen to "No Mans Land" below. The PBVSGR  deluxe  format is currently on sale for through both marts at $25 for a limited time in addition to the standard edition being on sale for $5.99 on iTunes and the deluxe edition for $9.99 on iTunes.

On Crosswords EP, Noah Lennox bequeaths five fresh and finely observed body-pop wonders - three new songs: “No Mans Land,” “Jabberwocky” and “Cosplay”  - and two re-castings of previous ore  - "The Preakness" - previously heard in spirited demo form on 2012's Tomboy LP boxset  -  and the whole shebang treasure-topped with a fresh take on his PBVSGR soul tour de force “Crosswords.”

Logic would appear to dictate, that if the collective noun for Ravens is a Wake, the collective noun for Panda Bear songs might surely be an Honesty.

The EP explores Noah Lennox's alchemical use of earthy base elements and life affirming ‘reports from the front’ to conjure up his trademark transports to the Goldilock's zone and comes appropriately enveloped in eye-popping fashion with artwork by Swiss artist Marco Papiro and with custom type-faces by Black Dice's Bjorn Copeland. 

Aided on studio production duties by Sonic Boom, the five EP tracks take us tumbling down the metaphorical rabbit hole once more… as Noah's latest Adventures in Wonderland continue . 

The effects are instant. Mighty morphing power arrangements emerge blinking from flick-flack intros that you'd swear were aided and abetted by the Mad Hatter himself. Time-lapse transitions spin past with a ‘blink and you'll miss it’ accuracy. Caffeinated rhythms, filtered from an apparently over-sized and uniquely patinated pot, spill out throughout. Zero point shudders of synthesized springs conspire with globular spongiform basslines, bustling at the seams. All circled by a hovering confidence of voices, oblivious to the chaos surrounding, conducting the controlled confusion of the improbably arranged tones and textures  - like Space Family Robinson yodels for the 21st century.

The Crosswords EP follows on the release of the PBVSGR Remixes EP compiling remixes from Pete Rock, Andy Stott and more.

Panda Bear’s Crosswords EP tracklisting:
1. Crosswords (EP mix)
2. No Mans Land
3. Jabberwocky
4. The Preakness
5. Cosplay

Panda Bear tour dates:
10-09 to 10-11 Miami, FL - Mana Wynwood [III Points Festival]
10-10 to 10-11 San Diego, CA – CRSSD Festival
10-13 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom @ [CMJ 2015]
10-14 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom #  [CMJ 2015]
10-15 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom  *  [CMJ 2015]
10-17 to 10-18 San Francisco, CA - Treasure Island Music Festival

$ w/ Bitchin Bajas
@ w/ PC Worship
# w/ Image Man
* w/ The Present, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith