Malachai | 11/18/10

Image: Malachai Foxhole

The journey for Malachai has been circuitous, taking us back to the ugly side of love. You've not tuned into a fairly tale, but a tragedy...The monster that wants only to be loved but whose affections remain unrequited by all the beauty he surveys.

Return To The Ugly Side is the follow up to last year's debut Ugly Side Of Love. Whilst maintaining their chopped up sound - a unique combination of 60's pop-psych and hip-hop with a Bristolian twist - Return To The Ugly Side sees a more cohesive, grown up Malachai in all their fervent duality: Scott/Gee, tunes/beats, past/present, dread/hope, ugly/beautiful.

With Return To The Ugly Side, Malachai have made another west country classic. 

Return To The Ugly Side, will be released on February 22nd 2011 through Domino’s imprint, Double Six.
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