Dan Deacon | 07/18/12

Image: Dan Deacon True Thrush video still

We're really excited to share the 'True Thrush' video from Dan Deacon's forthcoming album, America, out Aug 28th, 2012.

The video co-directed by Ben O’Brien and Dan Deacon (making his directorial debut) is based on a drawing game popular in the Baltimore art collective Wham City, which is in turn based on the game “telephone.”

Deacon’s concept for the video is loosely related to the lyrics, and mirrors his use of asymmetrical repetition and evolving patterns. For the video, Dan and Ben filmed a simple 13-second scene. That scene was then shown to the next team. After seeing the video that team had 1 hour to recreate it -- characters, props, set, costumes, and actions -- as close to exactly as possible from only their memory.

With each new team the scene evolves. The energy begins to amplify and the chaos increases due to the distorting tendency of memory. The beauty of the video is in the completed arc, an arc that only exists because each team was blind to it. More details on the video are listed below.

Deacon has also announced additional shows as part of the America tour in Baltimore, New York City, Athens, and Florida. See the entire list of tour dates at Dan Deacon's site.

The cast is made up of members of  Wham City, Dan Deacon Ensemble, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Future Islands, Red Room Collective, Copycat Theater, Effervescent Dance Collective, Showbeast, Annex Theater, Nuclear Power Pants, FlucT, BXDC, Bloody Panda, Foot Talk, Important Comics, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and various icons of the legendary Baltimore Arts Community.

TEAM 1: Dan Deacon and Ben O’Brien
TEAM 2: Mason Ross and Emma Alves
TEAM 3: Stefani Levin and Rachel London
TEAM 4: Ed Schrader and Devlin Rice
TEAM 5: Doreen Bolger and Gary Kachadourian
TEAM 6: Jimmy Joe Roche and Robby Rackleff
TEAM 7: Jordan Kasey and Martin Kasey
TEAM 8: Greg St. Pierre and Lily Susskind
TEAM 9: Sam Herring and Kim Tabara
TEAM 10:Stew Mostofsky and Seth Mostofksy
TEAM 11: R.M. O’Brien and Chester Gwazda
TEAM 12: Pilar Diaz and Hosey Corona
TEAM 13: Evan Moritz and Kaitlin Murphy
TEAM 14: William Cashion and Elena Johnston
TEAM 15: Person Ablach and Sam Shea
TEAM 16: Katie Truhn and Jesse Unterhalter
TEAM 17: Gerry Mak and Sophia Mak
TEAM 18: Monica Mirabile and Sigrid Lauren
TEAM 19: Dina Kelberman and Keith Lea