Matthew E. White | 02/17/15

Image: Fresh Blood

Bandleader and soul visionary Matthew E. White has shared a video for 'Rock & Roll Is Cold', the first full single from Fresh Blood, his new album for Domino, out March 10th. 

The beautifully shot clip follows Matthew as he traverses various semi-surreal terrains, ultimately embarking on a joyride to an exquisite banquet in a video that's as playful and charming as the tune itself.

Matthew says: "This video was about highlighting and making use of pre-existing beauty and grandeur. The images I wanted were John Ford's America - part Badlands, part Bonnie and Clyde.

To that end, I used a team in Salt Lake City known much more for shooting spectacular outdoor shots than any music videos. That was really fresh for me, not to mention extraordinarily physically challenging at times - but these guys are world traveling, mountain climbing pros and brought out the tremendous beauty of the landscape we shot in.

Not to mention the extraordinary beauty of my lady, Miss Merry George. Mirroring the family involvement of the Fresh Blood album cover (shot at my Grandma’s house in Alabama) the final scene of this was shot at my Aunt’s house. It’s nice to keep the family involved when you can."

Fresh Blood will be available on CD, vinyl, and via digital download. There is also a special edition of the album, which is a double LP gatefold heavyweight vinyl containing a bonus LP titled Fresh Blood: No Skin – a full length minimalist mix of the entire album, minus strings/horns or choir. You can pre-order Fresh Blood via iTunes or DomMart.