Tricky | 08/13/10

Image: tricky jack dante

As well as unveiling his new website (, Tricky unveils his new video for the first single, "Murder Weapon", from his forthcoming album Mixed Race (out October 5th).

"Murder Weapon" is a reworking of the classic dancehall hit from Jamaican-born Echo Minott, originally released in the early '90s. Tricky fell in love with the track and was determined to hear how it would sound with a female vocalist (in a similar fashion to his reworking of "Black Steel" with Martina Topley-Bird). Tricky here enrolls Irish-Italian Franky Riley, who has toured as Tricky's vocalist for two years and makes her recording debut on his new album Mixed Race.

The video, filmed by Fleur and Manu in La Salle, Tricky’s boxing club in Paris, features Tricky training and boxing with other local fighters. It's a cinematic odyssey of guns, boxing and coercion.


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