Benjy Ferree | 02/12/10

Image: Benjy Ferree Daytrotter Session Image

Check out Benjy Ferree's new Daytrotter Session. He performed 'Fear' and 'The Grips' from Come Back To The Five And Dime, Bobby Dee and a previously unreleased track called 'I'm So Young'.

As Daytrotter's Sean Moeller concludes, "Ferree [is] a master of thoughtful and disgustingly hooky pop songs...that often focus on characters, long-dead actors from the stage and screen, fascinating cads and drifters/next-door-neighbors and landlords, bar patrons who have gifted him some of their twisted yet authentic life experiences. Ferree is such a people person and a collector of their eccentricities that he's one as well, an artist as interesting as they come, crafting these songs rooted in old soul and doo-wop music and acting like salty characters from the turn of the century and earlier." We couldn't agree more.

Check out the complete session here.