Orange Juice | 11/08/10

Image: Orange Juice on railing

This eighteen song set of tracks from Coals To Newcastle represents the breadth of Orange Juice's recorded catalog: from early singles on Postcard, to Peel Sessions, to previously unreleased b-sides and all of their best known tunes in between.

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Here's the tracklist:
1. Rip It Up (5:19)
The title track from Orange Juice’s second album and reached #8 on the UK singles charts in the spring of 1983.
2. Blue Boy (2:54)
The second 7” single released in August 1980 on the Postcard label.
3. Three Cheers For Our Side (3:01)
Taken from the second session for John Peel recorded in August 1981.
4. What Presence?! (3:57)
The pre-album single for Orange Juice’s last full-length. Produced by Phil Thornalley, later of The Cure (ever so briefly).
5. Bridge (3:38)
Taken from the Texas Fever mini-album.
6. Felicity (2:35)
The second single from the band’s debut album and Morrissey’s favorite Orange Juice song of all-time.
7. Breakfast Time (5:11)
A radical re-recording of the b-side of the band’s third Postcard single made for Rip It Up.
8. The Day I Went Down To Texas (2:42)
Taken from the Texas Fever allegory for the band’s move from Glasgow to London.
9. Lovesick (2:27)
B-side to the "Blue Boy" single, later re-recorded for the b-side of the "Rip It Up" single as well.
10. Scaremonger (3:41)
Taken from the swansong album, The Orange Juice.
11. Consolation Prize (2:53)
Taken from their debut album, You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever.
12. Holiday Hymn (3:13)
A cover of the Vic Godard & The Subway Sect tune taken from their second John Peel session.
13. Flesh Of My Flesh (3:13)
The re-recorded 7” single version made with reggae/post-punk producer Dennis "Blackbeard" Bovell.
14. Poor Old Soul, Pt. 1 (2:30)
The last Postcard single before the band departed for Polydor.
15. A Sad Lament (4:43)
Originally a b-side to the "Rip It Up" single but made an encore appearance on the Texas Fever mini-LP.
16. I Guess I’m Just A Little Too Sensitive (3:51)
Former band member James Kirk once joked that he wrote a song about Edwyn Collins with this title, Edwyn saw fit to see it to fruition.
17. Blokes On 45 (4:30)
A Peel Session sendup of the band’s four Postcard singles, b-sides and all, in the style of the "Stars On 45" phenomenon of the time.
18. In A Nutshell (4:16)
The closing track on the debut album and originally written for Nico to sing, but she demurred.