Various Artists | 02/04/11

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Today we have something a little bit different to offer you guys. Introducing the Domino Treasure Trove, a box set containing five Domino 7” records with a twist, the twist being that we can’t tell you exactly what the 7”s are. Not meaning to be all sneaky or anything, but we thought this might be something a bit fun to try out.

All we can tell you is that each record is great, obviously, and we’re pretty sure some of them will have been going for silly money on eBay, so when you consider these box sets are selling for $10 a piece + shipping, we feel pretty confident in saying if you take the leap of faith in purchasing one of our Treasure Troves, you wont be disappointed.

The Treasure Troves are only available to purchase from our US Dom Mart, but naturally worldwide customers are welcome to make a purchase if they choose to do so.

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