Martin Courtney | 09/01/15

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We're proud to announce the debut solo album from Real Estate songwriter and frontman Martin Courtney, titled Many Moons, out October 30th, 2015.

Many Moons is a bright, lush, 10-song collection of soft psychedelia that recalls the Kinks and Big Star even as it probes the depths of his own life as a family man, father, and touring musician. The album is squinting-at-the-sun bright, full of subtle introspection, an elliptical document of Courtney’s transition into family life and fatherhood, largely written while he was on the road touring Atlas, Real Estate’s third full length release.

As heard on Sirius XMU earlier this morning and accompanying today's album’s announcement is the video for first single "Northern Highway," directed by Rob Hatch-Miller and Puloma Basu. The video, shot recently in the bucolic summer landscape of upstate New York, can be viewed below.

His players on this album, including Jarvis Taveniere of Woods, who produced the album, and Julian Lynch and Matt Kallman, help bring a newfound sonic clarity, a brightness evidenced in "Northern Highway." Songs are rounded out with orchestral arrangements, as in the previously-shared "Vestiges," or the instrumental title track, a sweetly luxurious string and flute number that wouldn’t be out of place on a prime-era Pentangle record.

Courtney has long made a career of writing songs about what happens when your image of home is something you’re trying to hold on to, when the nostalgia that used to comfort you starts to feel unfamiliar. On Many Moons, he’s moved through that. It’s not so much a rejection of nostalgia, but an embrace of what’s ahead - an album-length meditation on his life right now, which is the type of exploration Courtney has become exceptional at. 

Many Moons will be released on CD, standard and limited edition LP. The limited edition LP (of 500) is available to pre-order now from Domino Mart and contains an alternate cover with an embossed jacket featuring an artist logo designed by Robert Beatty, layout by Rob Carmichael of SEEN and coke-bottle clear color vinyl. All pre-orders from Domino or iTunes include instant downloads of "Northern Highway" and "Vestiges."

 Martin Courtney Many Moons limitedLP

['Many Moons' limited edition LP (of 500) includes an alternate cover with an embossed jacket and coke bottle clear vinyl]


Many Moons tracklisting:
1. Awake
2. Foto
3. Vestiges
4. Before We Begin
5. Northern Highway
6. Many Moons
7. Asleep
8. Little Blue
9. Focus
10. Airport Bar

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Martin Courtney photo by Shawn Brackbill