Malachai | 02/01/10

Image: malachai

Malachai’s origins are in Bristol, on the West Coast of England in Briston and are indicative of the kind of artists that originate from Bristol: dubstep running through their bones, hip hop in the fingers, ‘60s psychedelia in the heart.  It’s only right, then, that Portishead mastermind Geoff Barrow has a thumb in this project.  Barrow’s a kind of a mentor for Malachai and released the album on his own Invada imprint last year, before being picked up by Domino.

There’s certainly no repetition here.  At times, the album sounds like a Jamaican garage rock band. Elsewhere it sounds like Merseybeat if the beats were supplied by RZA. Or Dick Dale surfing the River Severn.  Malachai loves psychedelic music too,  “the colour,  the innocence and optimism of it all, ” but Gee’s “more of a two minute and out man.” That’s why some of it sounds like an ADHD kid flicking through the Nuggets box set.  At other times, Malachai’s music sounds like the apocalypse itself.  One track, “Fading World,” was written after watching a news report on Hurricane Katrina.  “I suppose I was taken aback by just how much at the mercy of the elements we are, but mostly at the plums who run things and where their priorities lay, ” says Gee.

Please enjoy this MP3 of “Snowflake”. Or stream it here.

Malachai's Ugly Side Of Love is out now.