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Middle Kids, the Australian three-piece, led by vocalist / guitarist Hannah Joy, and producer / multi-instrumentalist Tim Fitz, with Harry Day on drums, first came to public attention with the release of their debut single "Edge Of Town" in May 2016. To date, "Edge Of Town" has accumulated more than 12-million streams on Spotify. Not bad for a band that, when they recorded the single, hadn’t played a single show.


Now, Middle Kids have shows in Australia, America, and Europe under their belt, and building on the incredible good-will that 2016 has earned them, the Sydney three-piece will release their debut self-titled EP on February 5th, 2017 - a collection of six tracks demonstrating exactly why this band is marked as One To Watch. “In some ways it feels more like a mini-album than an EP,” ponders Fitz. “We wanted it to feel like a release that had substance, and a lot of heart. We wanted it to feel urgent.”“I think there’s a really lovely contour over the EP,” adds Joy. “It feels like a realized vision.”


Image: Middle Kids Packshot

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Track listing:
01. Your Love
02. The Edge of Town
03. Never Start
04. Fire In Your Eyes
05. Old River
06. Doing it Right


Image: Middle Kids Packshot

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