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At the conclusion of our last episode, you might recall that our show was called MANITOBA. Alas, what was a lighthearted sitcom became a drama, as lots of paperwork with lots of big words on it exchanged hands, motions put forth and carried until a resolution was reached. These things happen in the business of show and strangely, it was not without benefit: a flood of support from fans and scribes poured forth as it was revealed that Dan Snaith was no longer Manitoba, but CARIBOU. All the while, our protagonist has been hard at work on an artistic response, which has turned out to be a doozy in the form of his third album, The Milk Of Human Kindness. Building upon the artistic foundation of Up In Flames, Snaith has shed some of the kaleidoscopic haze in favor of crisper, clearer vibe. Moving to the fore is a distinct influence from the likes of NEU!, SILVER APPLES and SOFT MACHINE (names not thrown lightly around here). We're kicking things off with one of Dan's most accessible tracks ever. "Yeti," the album's opening track featuring Mr. Snaith on vocals as well as the kitchen sink of instruments he employs. The track sounds so sanguine and effervescent that you're going to want it on your iPod for the first warm day of the year. And what would a single be without TWO EXCLUSIVE TRACKS, none of which will be included on the album? (The answer? A ripoff.)


Image: yeti

CD-DNO-051 | Out now

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  • 01. Yeti
  • 02. The Spiritually Immature Mansion
  • 03. Boreal Forest Opper