Arctic Monkeys | DNO129


Arctic Monkeys... you might have heard of them before. ? I think they?ve gotten a bit of mileage out of the whole internet thing, this whole writing catchy songs that rock thing that seems to the fashion of the day. I mean, sure... it doesn?t compare favorable to the megaphone crooning craze of the 1920s, when folks like Dickie Crickets and Kid Jersey were changing popular music every month, but then again what possibly could? Don?t worry, the Arctic Monkeys are doin? okay. And it is with this release, we finally catch up with the UK after their six-month headstart on the US. After this, it?s all simultaneous all the time. ?Leave Before The Lights Come On? was a highlight of their recent US tour, offering the fans a taster for its eventual release here. The song shows the band starting to take some stylistic chances, with the song?s surf melody motif that kicks off the song before they settle into an unmistakably Arctics groove and lyrical sentiment. The two b-sides are covers, nearly as uncharacteristic for the band and the song choices themselves. First up is a contemporary song from a band called The Little Flames, called ?Put Your Dukes Up, John.? Then, they collaborate with a band called The 747s to tackle the ?60s Barbara Lewis chestnut, ?Baby, I?m Yours.? So there you have it. The final salvo in a mesmerizing year-long campaign.