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Today, Junior Boys aren't so much a myth as a revelation. The Canadian-based duo have emerged with a pop statement that is easily one of best albums of the 2006. So This Is Goodbye is a work that exhibits a confident mix of focus, clarity and ambition. Junior Boys manage to tease soul and longing out of their machines in a way that few have dared try and this pre-album salvo shows just what makes them so special.

Both tracks are a mesh of futuristic pop romanticism and electronic funk. "In The Morning" is the product of a collaboration between the band and past tourmate (Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars) and is a stunning example of the band's melodic prodigiousness. Alex Smoke's remix is a smooth and sedated reworking of the tune that's perfect for those hazy 4AM soundtracks. Meanwhile, the calm menace of "The Equalizer" is one of Jeremy Greenspan's finest vocal performances to date and the crooked electronic-twist hearkens back to the band's more avant side. Friend and collaborator, Morgan Geist (Metro Area), adds his signature electro-funk sound to his remix of "The Equalizer" that is (as always with Morgan) decidedly club ready. As if all that isn't enough a fifth bonus track, "So Sleep (A)", has been added to sweeten the CD package, just-a-little-bit-more.


Image: JB_ITMweb

CD-DNO-121 | Out now

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  • 01. In The Morning
  • 02. In The Morning (Alex Smoke Remix)
  • 03. The Equalizer
  • 04. The Equalizer (Morgan Geist Remix)
  • 05. So Sleep (A) [CD Bonus Track]

Image: JB_ITMweb

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