Malachai | DNO241 | Released: 02/02/10

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Malachai is Hebrew for 'angel.'  It's also the name of the red-haired kid from Children Of The Corn.  From which the band's name is derived. Why we're not exactly sure.  Malachai, strictly speaking, are a duo. They're from Bristol, England.  They aren't part of a scene, but they reflect the Bristol vibe these days: groups with dubstep running through their bones, hip hop in the fingers, '60s psychedelia in the heart.  At times, the album sounds like a Jamaican garage rock band. Other time it sounds like Merseybeat if the beats were supplied by RZA. Or like Dick Dale surfing the River Severn.


Image: Malachai_Ugly_packshot

CD-DNO-241 | Out now

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  • 01. Warriors
  • 02. Shitkicker
  • 03. Snake Charmer
  • 04. Snow Flake
  • 05. Blackbird
  • 06. Moonsurfin'
  • 07. Meeches Theme
  • 08. Only For You
  • 09. Lay Down Stay Down
  • 10. Another Sun
  • 11. How Long
  • 12. Fading World
  • 13. Simple Song

Image: Malachai_Ugly_packshot

LP-DNO-241 | Out now

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