Dan Deacon | WIG326 | Released: 02/25/15

Image: Gliss Riffer

Pre-order Gliss Riffer in any format and receive an instant download of ‘Feel the Lightning' and 'Learning to Relax'. The Gliss Riffer inflatable hand is  over 12” in height and only available for a limited time, so act quickly. Display it on your bookshelf, hang it from your window, bring it to a Dan Deacon show. Blow it up!

Gliss Riffer marks new territory for Deacon who, following up on the release of his large ensemble-based recordings - 2009's Bromst and 2012's America - decided to return to a simpler way of writing and recording, similar to that of 2007's Spiderman of the Rings, which resulted in this self-produced album.

What Gliss Riffer shares with Spiderman of the Rings as a musical experience is a direct and ecstatic energy. It trades in exuberant, uncontained fun that is tempered by lyrics that yearn and are set in defiance of life's nagging anxiety. The bliss on this record is well-earned.

  • 01. Feel the Lightning
  • 02. Sheathed Wings
  • 03. When I Was Done Dying
  • 04. Meme Generator
  • 05. Mind On Fire
  • 06. Learning to Relax
  • 07. Take it to the Max
  • 08. Steely Blues

Image: Gliss Riffer

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Image: Gliss Riffer

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- LP comes in a single jacket with with a printed inner sleeve featuring album lyrics
- Includes a mp3 download card.