LIVE AT 9:30

Animal Collective | WIG364 | Released: 09/06/15

Image: AC live at 930

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Animal Collective have announced their first live album of a single show, Live at 9:30, taken from their June 12, 2013 show of a sold out three night run (June 10-12, 2013) at the historic Washington DC venue, 9:30.

Live at 9:30 Club tracklisting:

1. Amanita (Live)
2. Did You See the Words (Live)
3. Honeycomb (Live)  
4. My Girls (Live)  
5. Moonjock (Live)  
6. New Town Burnout (Live)
7. I Think I Can (Live)  
8. Pulleys (Live)  
9. What Would I Want? Sky (Live)  
10. Peacebone (Live)  
11. Monkey Riches (Live)  
12. Brothersport (Live)  
13. The Purple Bottle (Live)


Image: AC live at 930

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