Etienne Jaumet | DNO240 | Released: 11/03/09

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Etienne Jaumet has recorded with just about everyone across the French, International and Indie Alt Folk world. He has collaborated with many artists including The Moldy Peaches, Daniel Johnston, Lou Barlow, Adam Green and Herman Dune. He is also one half of the duo Zombie Zombie, who released their horror film / goblin influenced debut album A Land For Renegade in 2008 (voted Top 10 Best Albums of 2008 by Rough Trade Shop).

Following in the wake of Zombie Zombie comes Night Music, Etienne Jaument’s debut album. A 4-minute track and a 22-minute track, loops and hypnotism are at its core, but unlike Zombie Zombie the essence of his music is more Steve Reich than John Carpenter. Perhaps more mental and less physical, but still spontaneous. The album is heavily rooted in vintage techno, kraut-rock, new wave and free jazz. Think Detroit-on-Seine.

The odyssey of “For Falling Asleep,” the 20-minute opening track invokes spirits from the likes of Terry Riley, Fripp & Eno and Pharoah Sanders to Bernard Szajner and Jim O’Rourke. Etienne Jaumet’s songs tell real stories, like little sonic landscapes, and he has been helped along the way by two big figures. The first is Carl Craig (a Detroit techno pillar), who, blown away by Etienne’s demos, was called upon to mix and produce the album, whilst keeping the entire original tracks intact – only adding effects, taking a few things away here and there - in order to only keep the bare essentials and accentuate the psychedelic feel of the original tracks. In turn, a French music legend appeared: the singer and harpist Emmanuelle Parrenin contributed her harp to Etienne’s sounds – she plays the stellar notes that conclude “For Falling Asleep,” and she also lays her voice on the synthesised sounds, mixing and blending them together in a cosmic abstraction.

The record ends with “At The Crack Of Dawn,” a dreamy track featuring a filtered saxophone, supported by a slowly bouncing rhythm, highlighting the accomplished voyage – psychedelic but intimate.


Image: ej_nightmusic_pack

CD-DNO-240 | Out now

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  • 01. For Falling Asleep
  • 02. Mental Vortex
  • 03. Entropy
  • 04. Through The Strata
  • 05. At The Crack of Dawn

Image: ej_nightmusic_pack

LP-DNO-240 | Out now

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