Wild Beasts | WIG348 | Released: 08/04/16

Image: Boy King

All deluxe editions include bonus material  ‘Boy King Trash’ companion piece - comprised of exclusive material including demos, previously unheard acoustic versions and aural sketches assembled by the band.

All pre-orders include an instant download of ‘Get My Bang.’

Boy King is Wild Beasts’ most direct and vital collection to date.

Where 2014’s Present Tense found the band in reflective mood, absorbing a fascination with online culture and electronic music, Boy King has them, as Tom Fleming puts it, “back to being pissed off”. The quartet’s ever-present knack for sensual melody via Hayden Thorpe and Fleming’s dueting vocals, Ben Little’s sinuous guitar groove and Chris Talbot’s potent rhythm section carries in Boy King an aggressive, snarling and priapic beast that delves into the darker side of masculinity and Thorpe’s own psyche.

A newfound creative friction between Thorpe and Fleming proved key to unleashing the unique pop sensibility of Boy King - Fleming’s more visceral experimentation unlocking new dimensions in Thorpe’s own writing. After spending a whole year finessing this new found impetus in East London, the band emerged with a collection of songs ready to take to Dallas and producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Swans, The War on Drugs). Both Thorpe and Fleming credit that trip to Dallas with teasing out the raw power of Boy King.

Between the slide of prowling aggression and interior darkness, there are glorious, gorgeous moments. It’s yet another incomparable Wild Beasts record; a visceral, sensual and jolting body of work that acts as a remarkable soundtrack to the early 21st century male malaise.

                                                          'All orders come with instant download of the album'


Image: Boy King Red Vinyl

WIGLP348XX | Domino | Out now

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Red vinyl LP with bonus 7”, limited to one pressing:
- Signed by the band
- Bonus 7” features two additional tracks from the ‘Boy King’ sessions
- ‘Boy King Trash’ companion piece on album download card

  • Side A
    01. Big Cat
  • 02. Tough Guy
  • 03. Alpha Female
  • 04. Get My Bang
  • 05. Celestial Creatures
  • Side B
    06. 2BU
  • 07. He The Colossus
  • 08. Ponytail
  • 09. Eat Your Heart Out Adonis
  • 10. Dreamliner

Image: Boy King

WIGCD348X | Domino | Out now

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Limited edition deluxe CD:
- Signed by the band
- ‘Boy King Trash’ companion piece
- Housed in a card wallet with 12-page lyrics booklet.


Image: Boy King

WIGLP348 | Domino | Out now

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Image: Boy King

WIGCD348 | Domino | Out now

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