The Beautiful New Born Children | WIG170 | Released: 01/16/06

Image: Hey People

Occasionally bands do get signed off unsolicited demos, and The Beautiful New Born Children are one such band. Their music arrived as a nondescript CD-R (with no contact info) that belied the contents within: feverish blasts of raw rock 'n' roll that stomps and swaggers all over the garage. Imagine The Sonics recording Slanted And Enchanted in 1966 for In The Red Records and you're in the neighborhood. The energy in this release is undeniable. Out of the gates with the fiery "Do The Do," Hey People! does not let up. All but two of the songs rush by in less than two minutes. A hook is captured, harnessed and then released back into the wild with breathtaking economy until the magnum opus that closes the album: six minutes of raucous clang and feedback that reimagines Raw Power-era Stooges as Jan And Dean aficionados.


Image: Hey People

CD-DNO-071 | Domino | Out now

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  • 01. Do The Do
  • 02. Paper Mill
  • 03. A Good Dose
  • 04. I Do Too
  • 05. Left, Right, Forward
  • 06. Hey Heartbreaker
  • 07. Ok, Allright, Fine
  • 08. Hectic Control
  • 09. Up And Down And Round And Round