King Creosote | DNO 290 | Released: 02/22/11

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If you don't know who King Creosote, perhaps the finest Scottish singer-songwriter of the 21st Century, is, you are forgiven... for now.  KC, or Kenny Anderson as his family knows him, has made a name for himself over the last decade releasing a flurry of albums from his homebase of Fife, Scotland on the seminal Fence label, of which he is also proprietor.  And by flurry, we mean FORTY albums, many of them self-recorded and self-released.  In the midst of this, Kenny has also re-recorded some of the best of his material for labels like Domino, Names, 679 & Warners.  

What you have here is an abridged collection of those re-recordings to serve as an handy introduction to the North American marketplace.  File this between Standing On The Beach, Catching Up With Depeche Mode and Substance (the New Order one, not the Joy Division one), except it sounds like none of them.  But, if you like the heartfelt songwriting of Iver, McManus, Oldham and Browne, then you could do much worse than put this on your Victrola.


Image: Thrawn

CD-DNO-290 | Out now

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  • 01. Bootprints
  • 02. You've No Clue Do You
  • 03. King Bubbles in Sand
  • 04. Missionary
  • 05. No Way She Exists
  • 06. The Vice-Like Gist of It
  • 07. Twin Tub Twin
  • 08. Homeboy
  • 09. Little Heart
  • 10. My Favourite Girl
  • 11. And the Racket They Made
  • 12. No One Had it Better