Matthew E. White | WIG307 | Released: 05/19/13

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Moving, redemptive and powerfully soulful, Big Inner is a timeless record told in seven songs that mingle memory with the rawness of any given human moment. The references — from the lyrics that echo the common conditions of love, death, seeking, and finding, to open tributes to artists like Washington Phillips, Allen Toussaint, Jorge Ben, Jimmy Cliff, and Randy Newman — are their own scavenger hunt through music history and through White’s place in it.
A gifted jazz arranger and exceptional guitarist, White's vision for Big Inner was realised with the help of bassist Cameron Ralston and drummer Pinson Chanselle, who make up the core of his Spacebomb House Band and then embellished with horns, strings, and a choir - all culled from and roused by the venerable landscape of Richmond, Virginia and recorded in the attic of White's house in the city.


Image: matthewewhite_cover

WIGCD307 | Domino | Out now

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  • 01. One of These Days
  • 02. Big Love
  • 03. Will You Love Me
  • 04. Gone Away
  • 05. Steady Pace
  • 06. Hot Toddies
  • 07. Brazos

Image: matthewewhite_cover

WIGLP307 | Domino | Out now

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