Four Tet | REWIG88 | Released: 05/13/13

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To coincide with its ten year anniversary, Domino is reissueing Four Tet’s seminal album, Rounds, on 14th May 2013. The reissue will feature the original album as well as a live set from Copenhagen recorded near the time of the original release. 

In retrospect, 2003 seems like a pivotal year in underground music. It was the year the word “dubstep” first appeared in print, and when Dizzee Rascal's “I Luv U” brought grime exploding into the public consciousness: both things that would turn British club music on its head, and radically rewire a wider scene that had settled in to creative complacency. It was also the year that various more diffuse strands of acoustic and electronic, psychedelic, experimental sound knitted together into something greater that would – albeit in more subtle and subversive fashion – have just as great an effect. And Four Tet's Rounds was THE album which encapsulated these peculiar, magical stirrings in the cultural undergrowth. Never mind the much vaunted patronage of Radiohead, never mind that Bruce Springsteen is a fan, this is an album which stands on its own merits as brilliantly emblematic of a very particular moment where everything changed. 

2 X CD

Image: rounds

REWIGCD088 | Domino | Out now

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2 x CD card pack - including a bonus disk of the live Copenhagen show from 2003.


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REWIGLP088 | Domino | Out now

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2 x LP gate- fold on heavy-weight 180g vinyl with digital download (for the first time) also comes with bonus CD of the Copenhagen live set.