Robert Wyatt | DNO202 | Released: 11/09/10

Image: old rottenhat

Robert’s political views and revolutionary stance also influenced OLD ROTTENHAT which was first released in 1985. The album is dedicated to Michael Bettany who was jailed as a traitor and the overriding themes of the album are of repression of the working classes, alienation, snobbery and individual liberty. Robert even made a conscious effort to produce "un-misusable music" – music where any possible political ambiguity was removed so that it would have to be rejected by anyone promoting corrupt Western culture. That such a beautiful album could result from such stark, uncompromising ideals is a testament to Robert’s unique musical vision and talent.


Image: old rottenhat

LP-DNO-202 | Domino | Out now

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LP comes with CD version in full artwork slip case

  • 01. Alliance
  • 02. Us Of Amnesia
  • 03. East Timor
  • 04. Speechless
  • 05. The Age Of Self
  • 06. Vandalusia
  • 07. The British Road
  • 08. Mass Medium
  • 09. Gharbzadegi
  • 10. P.L.A.