Your Friend | WIG342 | Released: 01/29/16

Image: Updated Gumption cover

Since the release of her debut self-recorded EP, Jekyll/Hyde, in early 2014 via Domino, Your Friend (Taryn Miller) brings us her debut album Gumption. 

Recorded with producer Nicolas Vernhes (The War on Drugs, Deerhunter) at the Rare Book Room in Brooklyn, Your Friend fulfilled a penchant for drones, loops and found sounds. “I paid attention to textures,” Miller says. “I was trying to remove myself from an approach that I had followed before, but to be able to bring in that melodic element that is most inherent to me, and marry it with a more sonically meditative landscape.”

Gumption deals with growing pains that come from self-inducing this sense of quiet that can be uncomfortably revealing. “I was sitting with myself so much, I got to know myself in ways I liked and ways I didn’t like,” Miller admits. Gumption is a record of courage, as its title suggests - of having the willingness to make necessary shifts, and to have a sense of self-awareness that ultimately leads to growth.

Gumption tracklisting:      

1. Heathering                                    
2. Come Back From It                      
3. To Live With                                
4. Desired Things                            
5. Nothing Moved                            
6. Gumption                                      
7. I Turned In                                              
8. Who Will I Be in the Morning      


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LP comes in a single jacket with a printed inner sleeve accompanied by a mp3 download card. Pre-order Gumption and receive an instant download of "Heathering.”


Image: Updated Gumption cover

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