Cass McCombs | Released: 12/11/15

Image: Folk Set Apart

Domino is proud to announce Cass McCombs's new anthology, A Folk Set Apart, subtitled "Rarities, B-Sides & Space Junk, Etc.” It’s an alternate retelling of the last decade in the life of the extraordinary songwriter Cass McCombs.

A Folk Set Apart is nineteen tracks in all (11 songs long with 8 digital bonus tracks to square up with the CD version). It very well may be the most compelling album he’s released, showcasing McCombs’ thematic and emotional diversity. These songs (five of which are unreleased never to be heard before) have been unearthed from the so-called underground - culled from the various limited, rare sources from which they were initially released on different independent labels on both sides of the pond, now compiled by Domino. For the past decade, most of these have been next to impossible to find, or unveiled on rare 7”s, and for the first time are now readily available.

A Folk Set Apart is a glimpse behind the studio curtain at one of the greatest songwriters of the 21st century. Fare thee well, Cass.



Image: Folk Set Apart

WIGLP328 | Domino | Out now

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A Folk Set Apart includes 19 tracks in all (19 on CD, 11 on LP + 8 digital bonus tracks) all remastered for this release. Five of these songs are never heard before unreleased tracks. The LP is a single vinyl in a gatefold jacket, which includes a printed inner sleeve and an MP3 download card.


1.I Cannot Lie
2. A.Y.D.
3. Oatmeal
4. Twins
5. Minimum Wage
6. Poet’s Day
7. An Other
8. Bradley Manning
9. Evangeline
10. Empty Promises
11. If You Loved Me Before…
12. Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log
13. Lost River/Old River
14. Old As Angry
15. Texas
16. Night Of The World
17. Traffic Of Souls
18. Catacombs Cow Cow Boogie
19. The State Will Take Care Of Me


Image: Folk Set Apart

WIGCD328 | Domino | Out now

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