Junior Boys | DNO293 | Released: 06/13/11

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From the word "go," It's All True has a spring in its step as opening track "Itchy Fingers" features lofty bpms in a range never explored on record by the group before and then, just as suddenly, the band shift gears to the sparse, brooding "Playtime."  From the confident stomp of "You'll Improve Me" and the sophisticated pop of "A Truly Happy Ending" to the epic album closer of  "Banana Ripple," It's All True is by far the Junior Boys most accomplished album to date.

The striking image included with this announcement is a detail of the album's cover, a deceptively abstract image taken by Jeremy Greenspan's sister of the UK Pavilion in Shanghai, China. Greenspan made an extended visit to Shanghai to write and begin recording It's All True. Traces of the influence of the trip can not only be seen but heard in tracks like the album opener "Itchy Fingers" whose exotic middle eight features local musicians Greenspan recorded during his sojourn.  With much of the album composed and conceived, Greenspan returned to his native Hamilton, Ontario and was joined by Matthew Didemus to record in earnest at the band's recently constructed studio where Greenspan had recently mixed and recorded a few tracks on Caribou's most recent album, Swim


Image: JB_itsalltrue

CD-DNO-293 | Domino | Out now

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  • 01. Itchy Fingers
  • 02. Playtime
  • 03. You'll Improve Me
  • 04. The Reservoir
  • 05. Second Chance
  • 06. Kick The Can
  • 07. ep
  • 08. Banana Ripple

Image: JB_itsalltrue

LP-DNO-293 | Domino | Out now

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