Bonde do Role | DNO133 | Released: 06/03/07

Image: With Lasers sleeve

Riotous Brazillian MC and DJ three piece Bonde Do Role were born through partying. DJ Rodrigo Gorky gathered friends Pedro and Marina together, went to Role's Bar, a snack bar that played heavy rock in Curitiba, and many vodkas later Bonde do Role (The Role Crew) were born. Discovered on Myspace by Philly uber-remixer Diplo, hooking up with his Mad Decent label for their cult debut single, the band now unleash on the world their debut album. "Bonde Do Role are a paradox enclosed in contradictions," proclaimed the UK's highbrow Observer Music Monthly recently. "They play baile funk - a flippant, punked-up take on Miami Bass developed in Rio's favelas - and yet aren't from Rio (they come from provincial Curitiba)".

A characteristic of baile funk is its playfulness and mash-up guerrilla-style sampling. For Gorky, it was natural to add grunge, heavy metal and cheese into the melting pot. "I liked the idea you could mix strange and unexpected things together. Funk is absolutely up our street - the lyrics are generally hilarious and the beat is absolutely contagious." And they are poised to become the genre's first international successes - when they don't even have a record deal in Brazil. Their South by South West appearances were the talk of the post-festival blog world, described in many instances as a "Brazillian Beastie Boys" with their explosive performances and filthy lyrics. The following spring tour around the U.S. saw Bonde and Diplo play to sold out crowds of kids who wanted to party, reflecting the growing audience for groups like Spank Rock, Simian Mobile Disco and 2manyDJs.


Image: With Lasers sleeve

CD-DNO-133 | Out now

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  • 01. Danca Do Zumbi
  • 02. Solta O Frango
  • 03. James Bonde
  • 04. Tieta
  • 05. Office Boy
  • 06. Marina Do Bairro
  • 07. Divine Gosa
  • 08. Marina Gasolina
  • 09. Caminhao De Gas
  • 10. Geremia
  • 11. Quero Te Amar
  • 12. Bondallica