Caribou | DNO82 | Released: 07/09/06

Image: Caribou82

Once upon a time there was a young lad who went by the name of Manitoba. Along the way, he encounted many adventures and people. One of them didn't like the fact that he called himself Manitoba. Paperwork was exchanged, hours were billed and Manitoba became Caribou, a phoenix reborn from the flames of possible litigation. And like Caribou, his two early albums are born again... harder, better, faster, stronger. The Up In Flames re-issue contains an entire bonus disc of material. We're talking serious value here. Drink the milk of human kindness that is this deluxe re-issue. It does a body good.

2 X CD

Image: Caribou82

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  • Disc 1

  • 02. Skunks
  • 03. Handrix With KO
  • 04. Jacknuggeted
  • 05. Why The Long Face
  • 06. Bijoux
  • 07. Twins
  • 09. Crayon
  • Disc 2

  • 11. Cherrybomb
  • 12. Silver Splinters
  • 13. Ole
  • 14. Thistles and Felt
  • 15. Seaweed
  • 16. Cherrybomb Part II