Von Sudenfed | DNO145 | Released: 06/18/07

Image: Tromatic Reflexxions sleeve

Tromatic Reflexxions is the debut album by Von Sudenfed, a trio formed by Mark E Smith, legendary vocalist and wordsmith of The Fall, and Mouse on Mars' Andi Toma, and Jan St Werner, the pioneering German electronic duo. But more than just a collaboration, Von Sudenfed is a sound-system, a family, a band; and this collection combines the genre-smashing attack of early-millennia club music with Smith's free-associating visionary wordplay - riffs and rhythms come together with synths, samplers and sequencers all firing off.

The trio got together in Dusseldorf and jammed out ideas for days before refining down the material into tracks, and Mark was integral to the shape they took, getting involved with their arrangements and insisting they were kept as direct and focussed as possible. The stunning results sound less like a band, and more like a free-flowing collectivist dance generator - a futurist sound system.


Image: Tromatic Reflexxions sleeve

LP-DNO-145 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. The Rhinohead
  • 02. Flooded
  • 03. Family Feud
  • 04. Serious Brainskin
  • 05. Speech Contamination / German Fear Of Osterreich
  • Side B
    06. The Young The Faceless And The Codes
  • 07. Duckrog
  • 08. Chicken Yiamas
  • 09. That Sound Wiped
  • 10. Jbak Lois Lane
  • 11. Dearest Friends

Image: Tromatic Reflexxions sleeve

CD-DNO-145 | Out now

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  • 02. The Rhinohead
  • 03. Flooded
  • 04. Family Feud
  • 05. Serious Brainskin
  • 06. Speech Contamination / German Fear Of Osterreich
  • 07. The Young The Faceless And The Codes
  • 08. Duckrog
  • 09. Chicken Yiamas
  • 10. That Sound Wiped
  • 11. Jbak Lois Lane
  • 12. Dearest Friends