The Royal We | DNO189 | Released: 08/17/08

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In a city like Glasgow, there's always an 'it' group - in recent times it was Franz Ferdinand and before that the Optimo club and before that Belle & Sebastian and so on. By summer 2006 The Royal We had become the 'it' group - everyone was talking about them and members were turning up on Belle & Sebastian and Franz Ferdinand covers and even the NME was into them. If that all sounds a little too hype, then ok, but The Royal We were the most fun in town; their shows had it down and they had great songs and a great sound. There's no doubt there's something pop about The Royal We but it's an older, odder kind of pop - the experimental pop of Orange Juice or ESG or even The Raincoats. In a way this is partly designed, the lyrics reference pop language, but mostly it's just exuberant brilliance which has carried The Royal We through.

This, their debut album features mostly songs written in their first six months of existence, their polaroid moment. It starts out slow and ends up in Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game." In between are all the reasons The Royal We were and are completely special. But they won't be making a second album, Jihae is moving back to LA in for one thing, other members of the group want to move on too.


Image: The Royal We Album Packshot

CD-DNO-189 | Geographic | Out now

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  • 01. Back and Forth Forever
  • 02. All The Rage
  • 03. That Ain't My Sweet Love
  • 04. Three Is A Crowd
  • 05. I Hate Rock N Roll
  • 06. Willy
  • 07. French Legality
  • 08. Wicked Game

Image: The Royal We Album Packshot

LP-DNO-189 | Geographic | Out now

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