Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid | DNO100 | Released: 06/04/06

Image: exchange session vol. 2

It was an extraordinary day and thank the heavens someone was there to document it. It happened in a small studio in London sometime in early 2005 when the two came together to improvise and experiment together.

Kieran Hebden, you probably know from his more popular moniker of Four Tet or perhaps from his time from the seminal post-rock instrumentalists Fridge. Steve Reid on the other hand, you have most defnitely heard before and you probably don't even know it. Martha & The Vandellas "Dancing In The Streets"? That's Steve on the drumstool along with countless other Motown sessions. From there, Steve's professional resume has included stints recording and performing with James Brown, Miles Davis, Fela Kuti and a lengthy tenure in the Sun Ra Arkestra along with his own solo releases (recently re-documented by the hip London-based Soul Jazz label).

So, what's this meeting of rhythmic minds hold for the listener? Think of it as a duet of electricity and percussion. It's a free jazz odyssey sure to melt minds as much as knock down barriers. But never fear, it's quite a compelling listen with melodic music textures and the steady rhythms of emanating from the traps. Steve and Kieran have just completed a whirlwind seven date tour in the US and for those who were lucky enough to witness it, it was truly something special seeing the joy of musical communication between these two masters. The Exchange Session Volume 2 is the critical companion piece to Volume 1. Both volumes pull from the same electric and inspiring session that brought Kieran and Steve together, Volume 1 is not whole without Volume 2.


Image: exchange session vol. 2

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  • 01. Hold Down The Rhythms, Hold Down The Machines
  • 02. Noemie
  • 03. We Dream Free

Image: exchange session vol. 2

LP-DNO-100 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Hold Down The Rhythms, Hold Down The Machines
  • 02. Noemie
  • Side B
    03. We Dream Free