Juana Molina | DNO94 | Released: 06/04/06

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"Her Brazilian-influenced adventurism can be kaleidoscopic, edgy and exquisite, sometimes all at once; it adds up to an often gorgeous record." (***) - Andy Gensler, Rolling Stone

"Sounds like Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier covering Nick Drake, whispering luminous folk tunes amid electronic thickets while acoustic guitars and pianos flicker like votive candles." (A-) - Will Hermes, Entertainment Weekly

Son is the follow-up to Juana Molina's critically lauded Tres Cosas album. Utilizing guitar, keyboards, cymbals, gongs, bombo legero, and a bass, Son was recorded and produced entirely at home by Juana Molina. Molina explains how her immediate surroundings informed her writing process: "When I started to write the songs for this record Son, a new element that may have been hidden for a long time appeared; the randomness of the combination of sounds in nature. Each bird has a particular singing; nevertheless this singing is always different. It is not a pattern; it's a drawing, a sound and a mode, only a few elements that each bird combines in a new way each time. In the same way, sometimes I chose to sing a melodic drawing I develop for the song. Verses are alike, but never the same (rios seco, no seas antiptica) other times I chose to sing a repetitive melody. What changes here and moves randomly is, for example, a keyboard. It is like overlapping two different loops, with no synchronicity at all. One very rhythmic and the other one more lose. When you play both, at the same time, the loose loop will provoke a changing harmony, because their beats will never be in the same place. This causes a moving harmony. During the tours, I also applied my new ideas to the old songs, that's why, when I got back home, I recorded the first thing that came to mind using these new ideas. In October, when I sat down to put all I had for the record together I had the huge and pleasant surprise that I almost had the record done. Son is a step forward on the same path I started with Segundo and followed with Tres Cosas."


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  • 01. Rio Seco
  • 02. Yo No
  • 03. La Verdad
  • 04. Un Beso LLega
  • 05. No Seas Antipatica
  • 06. Micael
  • 07. Son
  • 08. Las Culpas
  • 09. Malherido
  • 10. Desordenado
  • 11. Elena
  • 12. Hay Que Ver Si Voy