Various Artists | DNO43 | Released: 04/03/05

Image: SemperSatago

Ah, yes. The label compilation. I can remember as a small child digging through my uncle's LP collection, pulling out the sleeve of some old Warner/Reprise album (I'm guessing Gram Parsons GP or T.Rex The Slider) and the inner sleeve consisted of offers for various label samplers called Loss Leaders: The Big Ball, Schlagers!, Burbank, etc... basically, highlighting the breadth of the label, putting some of their biggest acts on to frame their smallest. So, it was all a conspiracy to get you hooked on Captain Beefheart, Tim Buckley and The GTOs.

So, here we come... we're baiting you with unreleased music from the leading lights of the label to get you hooked on our Beefhearts, Buckleys and... well, we don't have any GTOs, sorry. When these things are done right, they're legendary: Prayers & Pillows, Wanna Buy A Bridge?, The Blasting Concept, The Wailing Ultimate, You Can't Please Yourself If You Can't Please Your Soul, Flowers In The Sky... look I'm not saying this entry into the fray will ever be as mythical as the aforementioned, but hey a girl's gotta try.

In a nutshell, rare and unreleased from Franz Ferdinand (studio version of live favorite "Love & Destroy"), Clinic (supercharged UK 7"-only b-side "Nicht"), Sons & Daughters (a new re-recording of "Johnny Cash") to name but a few of the songs that join a compliment of hits in an alternate universe from Caribou (formerly Manitoba), Hood, Ulrich Schnauss, Adem and many more. Clocking in at just under 80 minutes, it's a backward glance at one of Domino's most creatively exciting years and a sneak preview into the immediate future.

Oh yeah, the title... it's got a couple meanings in Latin: something alongs lines of "to always have one's hands full" or "lways someone to be paid." You decide which is most applicable in your life and run with it.


Image: SemperSatago

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  • 01. Sons & Daughters - Johnny Cash
  • 02. The Bleskins - Girl
  • 03. Clinic - Nicht
  • 04. Arhcie Bronson Outfit - Islands
  • 05. Franz Ferdinand - Love & Destroy
  • 06. Woodbine - Neskwik
  • 07. Adem - These Are Your Friends
  • 08. Hood - The Negatives...
  • 09. Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life
  • 10. Caribou - Crayon
  • 11. To Rococo Rot - Sol
  • 12. The Notwist - Consequence
  • 13. James Yorkston & The Athletes - Edward
  • 14. Clearklake - Wonder If the Snow Will Settle
  • 15. King Creosote - Missionary
  • 16. Ulrich Schnauss - In All the Wrong Places
  • 17. Junior Boys - Teach Me How To Fight
  • 18. Juana Molina - Solo Su Voz
  • 19. Orange Juice - Blue Boy