Juana Molina | DNO15 | Released: 01/01/03

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"Segundo was recorded by myself. Some of it was recorded when I was almost asleep, with no filters or self-censor. I think it is a very clear picture of the freedom I felt. Segundo is made of layers of different things. Sometimes I think a song is finished and then I start to record something else like another melody with one new sound, or a back-ground with other textures. Then I realize I am miles away from the end. I always feel transported with my own music. I see things when I listen, and these things lead me to places where I can add other forms, both geometric and abstract. Mistakes are also my good friends. Most of them end up being the soul of the song."

- Juana Molina


Image: JuanaMolinaSegundo

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  • 01. Martin Fierro
  • 02. Quien?
  • 03. El Perro
  • 04. Que Ilueva!
  • 05. La Visita
  • 06. Quiero
  • 07. Mantra del bicho feo
  • 08. El desconfiado
  • 09. El Zorzal
  • 10. El Pastor mentiroso
  • 11. Misterio uruguayo
  • 12. Vaca que cambia de querencia
  • 13. Medlong
  • 14. Sonamos