Adem | DNO98 | Released: 09/24/06

Image: love and other planets

Love And Other Planets, the second album from Adem, sees the London singer-songwriter taking the rule-book of contemporary folk he helped to write and systematically pulling it apart page by page. Upping the ante in terms of sonics and songwriting ambition, Adem has written a far-reaching and beautiful record, bound together by a truly universal concept. Love And Other Planets sees Adem taking his music further whilst keeping the intimacy of his highly embraced debut, Homesongs. He has broadened his perspectives to make a bold record unafraid of taking leaps into the dark of experimentation yet still keeping his trademark strong melodies and heartfelt delivery. With Love And Other Planets, Adem has made a giant leap for [a] man and a small step for mankind, to paraphrase someone, somewhere, in the summertime.

Love And Other Planets was wholly realized by Adem, who assumed nearly all writing, production and performance duties. Former Fridge bandmate and Four Tet phenom, Kieran Hebden co-helmed the mixes. Three inspired remixes of "Launch Yourself" by Hot Chip, Four Tet and Thomas Eriksen complement this already beguiling effort.


Image: love and other planets

CD-DNO-098 | Out now

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  • 01. Warning Call
  • 03. X Is For Kisses
  • 04. Launch Yourself
  • 05. Love And Other Planets
  • 06. Crashlander
  • 07. Sea Of Tranquility
  • 08. You And Moon
  • 09. Last Transmission From The Lost Mission
  • 10. These Lights Are Meaningful
  • 11. Spirals

Image: love and other planets

LP-DNO-098 | Out now

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