James Yorkston | DNO37 | Released: 09/18/04

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Just Beyond The River is James Yorkston and the Athletes second LP, following their critically lauded debut, Moving Up Country (Rough Trade Shops' Album of The Year) from 2002. Bringing to light the extraordinary new folk sounds of Fife's Fence Collective (King Creosote, Lone Pigeon, UNPOC et al) James Yorkston has been something of a best kept secret up until now; quietly making a modern music of great import, but with a subtlety and hushed self-confidence unmatched by just about any other singer-songwriter out there right now.


Image: jamesyork_justbeyond

CD-DNO-037 | Out now

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  • 01. Heron
  • 02. Shipwreckers
  • 03. Surf Song
  • 04. Hermitage
  • 05. Hotel
  • 06. This Time Tomorrow
  • 07. Banjo #1
  • 08. We Flew Blind
  • 09. Edward
  • 10. Banjo #2
  • 11. The Snow It Melts The Soonest

Image: Just Beyond the River

LP-DNO-037 | Out now

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